Stakeholder Workshop

Host: University of New Brunswick Saint John

Date: November 29, 2022


At 243,042 km, Canada has the longest total coastline in the world. With abundant ocean resources and deep capabilities, Canada is a global leader in coastal and marine sciences, technology, and innovation. The Ocean Global Canada initiative is aimed at showcasing Canada’s global leadership in coastal and marine research, technology, and innovation across multiple industry sectors. Through a wide variety of ocean-centric knowledge mobilization activities, the interdisciplinary nature of the outreach will be anchored on Canada’s inclusive approach to trade and development assistance. In collaboration with strategic partners in Canada and other countries around the world, the outreach activities are targeted at supporting policymakers, industry players, and other stakeholders in the Canadian ocean innovation ecosystem to showcase Canada’s capabilities on the global stage, while also supporting the country’s comprehensive blue economy strategy. Among other things, blue economy best practices around environmentally responsible, commercially profitable, and socially acceptable outcomes in the ocean economy will be showcased, with emphasis on trade, investment, innovation, and development linkages. The outreach activities will involve knowledge synthesis, dissemination, transfer, exchange, and co-creation in key ocean sectors.

Goals and Objectives

  • Showcase Canada’s ocean and maritime capabilities before the international community.
  • Showcase Canada’s expertise across ocean industries in technology, research, education, safety, and sustainability.
  • Better understand the interlinkages between trade and investment in the ocean sector.
  • Foster comprehensive and coordinated synergies in blue economy programming and accelerate the blue economy policy innovation process.
  • Showcase best practices in the social, political economy, cultural, regulatory, institutional, and equity dimensions of the ocean economy.
  • Mobilize, disseminate, and exchange ocean-centric research across the water, forests, land, fisheries, minerals, oil and gas, energy, climate change, and biodiversity sectors, with emphasis on trade, investment, innovation, and development.

Speakers and Facilitator


  1. Dr. Robert L. Stephenson, St. Andrews Biological Station, St. Andrews, New Brunswick
  2. Bethany Pohl, Nature Trust of New Brunswick
  3. Mike Sullivan, Coastal Ecosystem Science Division, Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  4. Dr. Kimberley Davies, Department of Biological Sciences, University of New Brunswick
  5. Shauna Sands, Atlantic Coastal Action Program, Saint John, New Brunswick
  6. Dr. Thierry Chopin, Department of Biological Sciences, University of New Brunswick
  7. David Marshall, Faculty of Business, University of New Brunswick
  8. Dr. Fred Olayele, Sprott School of Business, Carleton University, Ottawa



  • Tanya Chapman, President, The Chapman Group, New Brunswick

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