Project Background

The Ocean Global Canada initiative is aimed at showcasing, on the global stage, Canada’s leadership in coastal and marine research, technology, and innovation across multiple industry sectors.

At 202,080 km, Canada has the longest total coastline in the world, with an ocean economy worth $31.7 billion and around 300,000 jobs in fisheries and aquaculture, energy, shipping, tourism, and recreation.

This initiative is focused on translating research into evidence-based collective action by engaging interdisciplinary stakeholders and the best minds from across Canadian and global academia, government, industry, and the development sector.

Through a wide variety of ocean-centric knowledge mobilization activities – in partnership with Indigenous and coastal communities – blue economy best practices around environmentally responsible, commercially profitable, and socially acceptable outcomes in the ocean economy will be showcased. With emphasis on trade, investment, innovation, and development linkages.

The project involves ocean-centric knowledge synthesis, dissemination, transfer, exchange, and co-creation by the research team and knowledge users. This is anchored on the interdependence of climate, ocean and marine ecosystems, biodiversity, and people across the water, forests, land, fisheries, minerals, oil and gas, energy, climate change, and biodiversity sectors – with emphasis on trade, investment, innovation, and development.


In addition to strategic institutional partners and Indigenous and coastal communities in Canada, by collaborating with other countries with marine and coastal resources, the outreach activities are targeted at supporting policymakers, industry players, and other stakeholders in the Canadian ocean innovation ecosystem by:

  • Showcasing Canada’s sustainability expertise on the global stage in the context of leveraging blue economy best practices for the economic, environmental, social, and cultural health of ocean and coastal systems.
  • Showcasing Canada’s expertise across ocean industries in technology, research, education, safety and sustainability.
  • Fostering comprehensive and coordinated synergies in the development and commercialization of Canada’s ocean and maritime capabilities on the global stage.
  • Promoting a better understanding of the interlinkages between trade, investment, innovation, and sustainable development in the ocean sector.
  • Showcasing and building capacity in blue economy programming and innovation best practices in the social, political economy, cultural, regulatory, institutional, and equity dimensions of the ocean economy.